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Since Technology has been implemented in schools as a curriculum subject, SUNSTEP has assisted schools that needed the extra help, ideas and curriculum-based material. 

In the Western Cape, every Technology Subject Advisor has been trained by SUNSTEP in basic electricity and electronics and shown examples of applications made by learners. They came from all the Education Management and Development Centres (EMDCs), as well as from Head Office.

SUNSTEP is working closely with the WCED to align SUNSTEP with the curriculum. The Western Cape Education Department also has a page on their website to introduce SUNSTEP:


To: Technology Advisers and Senior Phase Technology Teachers
For the last fourteen years SUNSTEP has trained Technology Teachers (Gr. 7 to 9) to be able to assemble or solder hands-on electrical/electronic kits. They received technical orientation to equip them with the skills and confidence to teach Systems and Control: Electrical / Electronics to learners.
Grade 7 learners have much fun assembling the series and parallel kits. The Grade 8 learners have assembled the AND/OR kits and as an extra built a continuity tester. Grade 9 learners learn about the capacitor in a timer circuit or how components in a burglar alarm circuit function and how the circuit works. There are many other interesting circuits such as the Cordless Microphone, Morse code, Running lights showing you how capacitors, LED’s, transistors, resistors, audio circuits etc. work. Teachers and learners go home with a working electronic kit. 
We propose to do the Series/ Parallel kits with the Grade 7 teachers – the AND/OR Switching conditions with Grade 8 teachers and the Burglar Alarm kit with the Grade 9 teachers.
Following the workshop, educators transfer the knowledge to their learners. Over the years 210467 learners have built our electronic kits.
o       You are invited to attend a workshop where you will develop technological knowledge and skills to deliver on the TECHNOLOGY curriculum in the Senior Phase.
o       The table below indicates the systems and control: electrical, assessment standards as they appear in the curriculum policy document.

Senior phase systems and control: electrical
Grade 7
Grade 8
Grade 9 Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of electrical circuits with more than one output device in the circuit (series and parallel), and represents them using systems diagrams Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of how electrical circuits with more than one input or control device will work based on different logic conditions (‘AND’ and ‘OR’ logic), and represents them using circuit diagrams, systems diagrams and truth tables Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of how simple electronic circuits and devices are used to make an output respond to an input signal (e.g. resistors, light-emitting diodes, transistors, push or magnetic switches, thermistors, light-dependent resistors).

o       We have developed activities and resources for teachers to use to facilitate the knowledge and skills required in these assessment standards.
o       The activities are in line with the suggested methodology as proposed in the Work Schedules provided to you by the Western Cape Education Department.
o       The SUNSTEP kits used will be to the cost of the participants.    We will offer  training to any group of 15 to 24 participants per session at a venue convenient to the district or schools. Each participant must purchase a kit for the workshop.
o       We invite the District Curriculum Manager, GET Curriculum co-ordinator or a teacher to get a group of participants together and contact us.
o       Our contact details are as follow:
Tel: 0832121356            Fax: 0218084071   email:

Werner 0786115917            Fax: 0218084071   email:


Subject advisors assembling SUNSTEP kits.

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