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Hall of Fame


The following individuals were deserved winners in their respective categories:

Year                 Most Outstanding Educator                  Most Promising Learner

2003                 Mr André Gie                                         H. Wiese

                        Worcester Gymnasium                           LS Worcester


2002                 Mr Johan Kruger                                    G. Byerley

                        De Viliers Graaff HS                               Fish Hoek HS


2001                 Ms F. Daniels                                        W. Jonker

                        Aloe PS                                                Paul Roos Gymnasium


2000                 Mr Ronald Engelbrecht                           S. Barrett

                        Glendale SS                                          Greenfields PS


1999                 Mr Achmat Geyer                                  C. Gilbert

                        Camps Bay HS Camps Bay HS


1998                 Mr Anthony Williams                              E. Williams

                        Gordon HS                                            Macassar HS


We feel it is important to reward those educators and learners who really extended themselves. We trust that these annual awards will become a much sought-after accolade that will inspire our participants to ever greater heights!


We found that the learners were starting to look beyond themselves at how to help society (e.g. scale for blind); how to advance technology (robot changing from orange to red to green as vehicle approached); how to combat crime (bicycle handlebar shocker); an interesting variety of new games to play and various other interesting applications.


1ste Place: A Teacher from the Breederiver/Overberg EMDC

Mr André Gie (Worcester Gymnasium) Sunstep Teacher of the Year 2003

"This can be explained better," was a thought that our Teacher of the Year often had, even when he was still a schoolboy himself. A born teacher, he is currently Technology subject head at Worcester Gymnasium in the Breederiver/Overberg EMDC. He has been a person Sunstep could rely on since he was introduced to the Programme. He built up the electronics section of Technology at Worcester Gimnasium with the help of Sunstep and has even offered and organized the school's technology studio for Sunstep to present workshops to teachers in the Breederiver/Overberg area. His enthusiasm has inspired his learners to achieve and over the last few years there have been Worcester Gymnasium learners among our top performers. His willingness to assist, cooperate and help whenever possible has made him an outstanding teacher to deal with and it is with pleasure that we acknowledge André as Sunstep's Teacher of the Year 2003.

 2nd Place Teacher of the Year: A Teacher from the Winelands/Westcoast EMDC

Mr Jano Roux ( Paul Roos Academy)


"An involved learner is a happy learner" is the firm belief of our second place winner who teaches at Paul Roos Gymnasium and is teaching at the Paul Roos Academy during his holidays. Having been in the top two teachers for the Sunstep Teacher of the Year 2001, he has shown that he did not sit back and rest on his laurels! He gave up his holidays to teach 140 learners from the Paul Roos Academy, Technology. These learners came from English speaking primary schools in Kayalitsha and Afrikaans speaking primary school in the Stellenbosch area. The schools chose the top 5 learners to attend this holiday lessons to prepare the path for them from primary school to high school. They will also be receiving follow up teaching through to their grade 12 year. He had to write a syllabus for these four weeks, as well as design a measuring instrument. He is a person that is driven to achieve and is currently doing his Masters degree in Technology at the Cape Technikon. His enthusiasm is catching and he encourages his learners to participate in a variety of competitions and keeps them motivated.


Ms Maryna de Lange ( Saldanha LS)


"Think for yourself and do it yourself." This is a motto that our third place teacher firmly believes to train her learners and help them to believe in themselves and that they can do maths and science.


She taught for many years at the Westcoast Special School, but is currently subject head for Science at Saldanha Primary School. She initiated and organized the girls' camp in 2003 on Woman's Day for the surrounding schools. The success of the camp was quickly evident as parents and teachers asked to have another camp organized this year. It is at this camp that she excelled in Technology with the help of Sunstep and became a firm Sunstep teacher.



Mr Charles Uys ( Princeton SS)


"Most learners underestimate the gray matter between their ears"  This is the firm belief of our fourth place winner of Princeton SS which is situated in the Metropole South Education Management and Development Centre. Mr Uys received his N5 in electrician work, at Olifantsfontein in the 1980's. Although he was qualified and ready for the workplace, his heart was in education and he decided to obtain his diploma in education. He feels that with the help of Sunstep, the learners gain a sense of achievement.


These educators have gone beyond what the education system requires from them and have met the criteria SUNSTEP has put down for the Most Outstanding Educator of the Year.

4th Place
: A Teacher from the Metropole South EMDC


3rd Place
: A Teacher from the Westcoast/Winelands EMDC


These educators have gone beyond what the education system requires from them and have met the criteria SUNSTEP has put down for the Most Outstanding Educator of the Year.

What are our criteria for a winning teacher?

To be eligible for The Most Outstanding Educator of the Year award, educators must:

  1. Respond rapidly to inquiries and give their co-operation when needed.
  2. Show initiative by contacting the programme co-ordinator when problems arise or advice is needed and not wait until matters get out of hand.
  3. Provide regular voluntary feedback on how the project is running at their school.
  4. Make a positive difference in their schools. Most schools are in disadvantaged areas where poverty is rife. Many of the learners suffer from abuse and come from dysfunctional homes.
  5. Be good role models for their learners.
  6. Command respect from their learners. There should be discipline in the classroom and learners should willingly listen and obey when their teacher speaks.
  7. Do more than what is expected of them and put a lot of effort into their work.
  8. Ensure the success of the project at their school.
  9. Serve as an example to less successful teachers.
  10. Be prepared to carry on with the SUNSTEP programme during the following year.

Most Promising Learner of the Year 2003

Herman Wiese (LS Worcester)

Herman Kamper (Sunstep Club member)

Gerald Moore (LS Worcester)

Nicolai Pieterse (Hugenote HS)

A.van Zyl and group (Eikestand PS)

Mandisi Phakade (Umthalwelanga PS)

Christiaan Barbard ( Paul Roos Gymnasium)

What are our criteria for a winning learner?

The learner's project must comply to the following criteria:



Neatness and quality

Usability as a practical, marketable product, for example a toy, an anti-theft device, or a

communication system

Proof that it is the learner's own work and it must be accompanied by a portfolio.


Mr André Gie (Worcester Gymnasium) and Mr Jano Roux (Paul Roos Gymnasium) were the winning teachers for 2003

Winning learner H. Wiese from Worcester PS

A. Lakay (Worcester Gymnasium), 2003 winner of the shield, with her Technology teacher, Mr A. Gie.

N. Pieterse from Hugenote HS explaining his project.

M. Phakade from Umthalwelanga PS receiving his prize from Mr R.Oliver (Sunspace)


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