SunZone is an outreach facility of the University of Stellenbosch that aims to enhance Science and Technology in schools.

SunZone promotes the many outreach programmes that the various University Departments are involved in by arranging workshops between the public and these programmes.

These include Windows in the Wild (WOW) workshops run by the Department of Zoology, Botany and EEPUS; IMSTUS Physical Science teacher training sessions run by the Institute for Mathematics and Science Teaching; TRAC demonstrations run by the Transportation and Civil Engineering Departments; and many more.

SUNSTEP is proud to be the most popular of all the programmes presented at SunZone. In 2001, 591 learners and 30 educators built their own burglar alarm kit at SUNSTEP workshops facilitated by SunZone.

We received another feather in our cap when Minister Ben Ngubane visited SunZone on 21 June 2001 during a SUNSTEP workshop and expressed his excitement and appreciation over the role that the University of Stellenbosch and SUNSTEP were playing in promoting science in South Africa.

SUNSTEP also received welcome exposure when SunZone participated in the International Communications Day exhibition in Wynberg on 16 and 17 May. More than 800 learners were introduced to our FM radio and Cordless Microphone kits during this event.

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