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SUNSTEP places a premium on the training of educators, since it is these educators who will, in turn, be instructing their learners on how to assemble the various electronics kits.

Here are indicators of what became of some of our proactive teachers:

*         Curriculum Advisor: Engineering Studies. FET Technology and GET National Curriculum   Technology

*         Senior Curriculum Planner: Technology Head Office

*          Curriculum Advisor: Technology, Metropole South

*          Subject Advisor: Mathematics, West Coast-Winelands EMDC

*          Subject Advisor: Physical Science, West Coast-Winelands EMDC

*          Subject Advisor: Physical Science Metropole Central

*          Manager: Sunzone MTN ScienCentre

*          Lecturer: West Coast College, Citrusdal

*          Learning Facilitator steering a R900 000 project which will incorporate SUNSTEP as   partner.


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