Western Cape
 The programme followed in the Western Cape during school visits comprised:
  • Exploratory discussion with learners regarding factors that motivated them to pursue both Maths and Science as Matric subjects. This was followed by an educational video on technology
  • Interactive lecture linking what was observed watching the video and practical applications
  • Using two working models to demonstrate and discuss applications of basic electrical/electronic circuits
  • Learner hands-on workshops; building an electronic circuit

 The teachers are grateful for SUNSTEP involvement to stimulate the learners and give them insight in career opportunities.  It was gratifying to work in schools where even the principals were involved and attended the lectures. The principals also encouraged the learners to ask questions and to make maximum use of the opportunity and to learn as much as possible.  Most of the schools preferred the learners to do the kits that had to be soldered.



What do we do? 
•         Classroom management by looking at obstacles and offering solutions
•          Planning according to RNCS
•          Investigation and project skills in Technology
•          Innovative utilization of local resources
•          Identifying and pursuing career possibilities in their local communities
•          Upgrading teaching skills and knowledge

Learners who come for electricity or electrical workshops can also by prior arrangement be taken to the High Voltage Laboratory where they will be  taught Eskom Substation and power lines safety precautions. Impressive shows of crackling high voltage arcs will make them  clearly understand the dangers.   
Educational material
SUNSTEP has developed teacher and learners workbooks for:
Grade 7
Technology - Systems and Control – Electricity - Teacher and Learner Workbooks
Grade 7
Technology – Processing – Isonka Samaafrica -Learner Workbook
Grade 8
Technology  - Systems and Control – Electronics, And/Or switching conditions Teachers’ Workbook
Grade 9
Technology  - Systems and Control – Electronics, And/Or switching conditions Teachers’ Workbook
Grade 10-12 Science
Electronics background knowledge for educators and learners

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