SUNSTEP trains and equips teachers who have little to no knowledge of electronics and ability to fulfill the curriculum. SUNSTEP- trained teachers are today well versed in the subject and confident in their ability to construct circuits.

The SUNSTEP learning material for Systems and Control takes the teacher through the whole term with all the enabling activities that the learner will need to execute the Mini Pat project.

Giving teachers a better understanding of these subjects has proven highly effective in helping learners to make the most of their school years and opened the possibility of careers in technology or engineering.

  • Training includes
    · Hand skills: Using soldering iron, flux, solder, pliers, cutters, solder sucker etc.
    · Ability to discriminate and determine values and sizes of components as identified according to illustrations in the resource material.
    · Ability to discriminate polarity of components and understand the circuit
    · Understanding of how to transfer the knowledge by means of good classroom practice.
    · The ability to understand the principles and design of the CAPS Curriculum, and assessment standards in Technology.
    · Safety and classroom implementation
    · Basics of circuit design
    · Circuit assembly on printed circuit board
    · Soldering technique
    · Testing and fault finding